Friday, July 29, 2011

Best Friends

This little girl LOVES her brother, and I am so glad!

Valentine's Day Prep

Making heart-shaped biscuits with Grammie.

Haven concentrating on her rolling pin technique.

Uh-oh! Polly Jane wants to know if Jude will ask her to be his Valentine! Look at that smile!



Elder's & Deacon's Meeting

Grammie's Photo Shoot


Monday, July 25, 2011


I love how Elijah is looking at Haven in this picture. They certainly fight a lot, but they also think the other is the most fun person in the world (after Daddy, of course!).

Nap with Daddy



Our Lincoln Log house!


Thanking God for...

{Gifts #265-309}

- Friends - who listen, who talk, who pray

- Coffee
- Laughing children, playing together
- Books & books & books!
- Summer reading programs
- Potential & the Hope of sanctification

- My father's desire to visit & making it happen
- The Holy Spirit's work in exposing my heart
- J.R. Miller's vision of a Christian home
- Hope
- Reading to three mesmerized, cuddly children

- The turtle which stopped by
- Friends visiting
- Rowan in the water hose
- More strawberries!
- Food to cook, errands to do, packages to mail, freinds to see, family to love, books to read

- The Giver of all good gifts
- All 19.8 pounds of snuggly her
- Freedom to worship, freedom to live
- Our neighbors wonderful show of hospitality
- Early morning dishwashing

- An overly kind mother-in0law who brings me donuts and volunteers to iron!
- Quiet time for Polly Jane to get all the rest she needed
- Beautiful flowers, over which I did not labor, blooming in my yard
- The Creator's love of beauty
- A husband who joyfully serves

- Green beans & onions - all from our garden!!!
- Unexpected time with becca Joy!
- Short, fat, smooth fingers touching long, thick, wrinkled, and misshapen ones
- Mr. Rissinger
- Grandpa's diligence to organize all his photo albums years ago

- The grilled cheese of Stoneridge, a meal-saver
- Laughter and the opportunities to say "I like your gams!"
- Unity and the recognition of its fragility
- A variety of personalities - loud, full of gestures, 300% serious, meek - all seeking God's glory
- Watching God heal a marriage

- Piles of green beans
- The call, "Can you meet me for lunch?" and a happy "Yes!"
- Plenty of milk for plenty of baby
- Things for which to look forward - like HamFam!
- Opening my computer to ask for prayer and seeing that my frined has already been praying and working!

- God's gift of friends
- Friends sharing a common goal: God's glory
- A new Flip, finally able to record the children
- Catching up and energy to attempt it

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweetest Girl

Downloading pictures in preparation for our big trip and

enjoying a quiet day at home with this wonderful treasure.

...every day that I live I am blessed...