Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 67-88}

- The ability and desire to read & an ever-growing book list
- Hard conversations with a courageous husband (mine!)
- Hot showers and a clean body
- In-laws whom I trust to care for my children
- Screams of "Poppa!!!", jumping, and running feet when my father-in-law arrives
- "Potty! Pottttyyy! Paaahhhhttttyyyy!"
- Quiet
- A baby sleeping on my chest, all of her fitting there except the chunky legs
- The suck-suck and the drip-drip of skin-to-skin nourishment
- Walking into sunset - blue, white, pink, orange, red: all God-colors
- A book full of stories, the best stories, to tell {Currently - Joseph}
- A wonderful double stroller and an Ergo
- The ability to travel and walk with all three
- Skyping with Mombo
- Cats prancing through the yard, exploring
- Nursing us both to sweet sleep
- Unclogged toilets
- Hot baths
- Good books - bringing tears, rebuke, and hope
- Smiling, well-rested boy face, joyfully telling Haven that soon we'll go see Bella!
- Hunger
- A wagon ride for Haven, initiated by Elijah

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Days after Christmas (#3)

Playing with Elijah's new toy: a bow, arrow, quiver, AND blow gun!Haven just likes to dance around with dishes or dolls.The quiver!Fireworks to welcome in the New Year!Haven was the bravest child; she wanted to run out there and help Eric!I *think* this was Abbie's first firework display.We had such a fun time at Grammie & Grampa's house! Fun times, lots of baby holding, great games, and many sleepy eyes~:-)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Graves Family Christmas

There are FIVE cousins now!!! Sweet Abbie joined us just in time for Christmas. Hers is not my story to tell, but it is certainly a story worth telling. Suffice it to say that the timing and mode of her delivery were precisely orchestrated by a very good God. {And her jaundice issues - seen in the picture below - cleared up right on time due to some excellent Mommy-care.} First Christmas at Grammie's...and totally relaxed.

Elijah shows off his favorite gift of the day.

Wiped out.

Haven, sporting all her new bling.
It was so fun to all be together! Abbie made this Christmas extra, extra wonderful!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 51-66}

- Her fuzzy head
- How the arms still fold themselves under her chest when I hold her
- The neck which, when tilted just so, smells a bit like soured milk
- Slobbber on the shoulders of every shirt, every day
- Being called "Momma!" (over and over,
- Practicing blowing out birthday candles on our Elijah-baked cake
- Grace from friends (continually) over scheduling conflicts
- Treats, particularly of the chocolate variety
- Balls of wiggly energy x 3
- Haven's constant reminders of why it is better to have a gently & quiet spirit
- Her snorty, quiet laugh
- Flexibility (perhaps due to a constant stream of relaxin?)
- Sweat and a pounding heart
- Time with Eric and his generosity with the children at and after the "greatest show on earth"
- Hugs from Haven ("Uuuuuugh!" right on my thighs)
- Pee-pee in the POTTY!

Edventure Children's Museum

Mombo & PawPaw took us all to Edventure! It was, as always, really fun. Elijah liked the Lego room this year, which he could not have cared less about last time we went. It is so exciting to see his interests expanding and changing. This trip was even more fun because PawPaw (hater of all germy, communal things) accompanied us. Way to step out of your comfort zone, Dad! Haven must have thought this was real food!Elijah and this S.W.A.T. hat were inseparable those first few days after he got it.He's tall enough to collect the eggs now!Lego Room - absolutely amazing!Bella Boo was a fun playmate, although I think we lost her at least twice. Ooops.Still BFFs. (Right Bella?)Miles showed us his favorite new activity - rolling over - while they played in the baby area.Polly Jane practiced holding up her head to watch the amazing Miles.
Look at these sweet babies!Elijah made a mask...and a machete. (Good one, honey.)We ended this day excursion with pizza from my favorite South Carolina eatery, Chicago Uno's. Although not my very favorite pizza place, I really like to squeeze in a trip there every time I am home. We really missed having Joe around all day. He contemplated Skyping in for another game of Charades that night.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unlicensed & Unregulated: Abortion Clinics

"We have more regulations for women's hair salons than we do for abortion clinics." ~ District Attorney Seth Williams

Lest you think this is something that could only happen in Philadelphia, our local abortion clinic is also unlicensed and unregulated.

Perhaps you will consider attending a Rally for Life in your area this weekend?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Day After Christmas

The two most wonderful Pollys in the whole world! How thankful I am that my children can be held, seen, and loved by their great-grandparents!Jolly Jane~:-) Super Aunt Ab!The monster train set Eric & Joe pieced together. I'm pretty sure Eric had more fun than Elijah working on this.
What?!?! Snow in South Carolina? Snow bunny! Snowballs! Ummm...I don't actually remember this, but I'm sure we used this as an opportunity to impart some sort of wisdom to Elijah. (Eric?)Our snowman family. Can you see Polly Jane? And can you see our coordinating Christmas bows?Fox News with PawPaw. Intriguing. The best baby!This was a fun day with a surprise snowfall. I can count on two hands the amount of times we had real snow in South Carolina during my youth. This was probably the most I can remember having. Plus, it was the perfect consistency for making snowmen and snowballs. We had a great time with it!