Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 15-34}
- Hair loss because it means my hormones are trying to get back to normal and, more importantly, it means that God gave me a baby
- Encouragement from my pastor to read through the Bible this year
- Honest telling of struggles
- Grace to do better the next minute; hope for change
- God's gracious, ever-ready, open embrace
- Grace to rise early
- Real friends (Jenelle!) who want to visit
- A satiated belly full of wholesome foods
- Having Elijah, the spit-up King, so I don't judge others with spit-up babies or feel the need to counsel them
- Not presently having a spit-up baby
- Friends who come over at the last minute (Charlotte!)
- Opportunities to practice sharing
- The smell of hazelnut creme coffee, used to stuff my stocking, brewing on a worn-out day
- Laughter from inside a tent
- Friends with whom to exercise (Laura! Ronda!)
- The truest of friends, Abigail, and celebrating another year of her life
- Bananagrams, pizza, & chocolate surrounded by talk, screams, cooing, and laughter (Elysia! Bobby! Rowan! Maria! Casey! Jonah! Eliana!)
- Jonah's absolutely wonderful behavior & his kindness to my little boy
- Snow, a sled, a tube, and watching a boy turn brave
- A life filled with these beautiful people...all made in the image of a beautiful God


Maggie said...

Lyd, you are so encouraging! Mike and I now have a list going on the door in our kitchen, we are on the 1000 things to be thankful road with you! Thanks for the amazing idea:) I can't believe how big your little ones are getting! Come to Boston, we'd love to have you all for a visit!

Amy said...

isn't Jonah(!) sweet? he and Joshua were SO great with my Elijah on New Year's Eve.

love your list.

Maria Lawrence said...

Thanks so much for that post. I need to be reminded often that Jonah is a great little boy how is sweet and tender-hearted and has the patience to play with kids that are much younger than him. I don't praise him enough for his kindnes and often look more at his faults. Thanks for having us over!! We had such a great time. I'm going to have to buy those games so I can get better at them and wip your tails!!