Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Wishes

{The three of us, on a blanket at the top of the pasture, looking at the moon and loving on our birthday girl.}

Eric: "Haven, what do you want to be when you get bigger?"
Haven: "Probably Snow White."
Lydia: "Haven, if you can't be Snow White, what do you want to be?"
Haven: "Maybe I can be Cinderella or something."
This big three year old! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED meeting the princesses!

Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been a busy day here on the homefront. We've had a lot of activity in the henhouse. Six ladies in nesting boxes plus one waiting in line. We were so amazed, I ran inside to get my camera. Sailor was especially proud to report our second 10-Egg-Day!
We've all got a lot on our minds:
- Haven: {While watching the castle appear at the beginning of a Disney movie} "I'm going to GO THERE!...Momma, how we get there? I don't want to walk in the creek." Has anyone else ever noticed that the castle is surrounded by water?
- Elijah: "Well, I get to go on some of the extra big rides - not Haven, not Luke, not Polly Jane, not Abbie. But, we don't need to talk about it because they might get sad. Yeah, but I'll get to go on them. AND I can go on all of Haven's rides too, right Momma?"
- Eric: "If sap came out of a log and dried, what color do you think it would be?" "Hmmm, no, this was white. It looked like bird dookey."

And with that, we're off to Disney World!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Haven's Two Year Old Birthday Party!

Haven and her friends celebrated turning two! Megan came to play on the slide,
in the garden box,in the creek,and in the barn!Row-Row came too!!Abbie was here!Birthday girl!Sweet Momma!This is a classic Jason face.Row-Row was especially attached to Poppa.Blowing/Spilling/Eating bubbles.Helping~;-)Look at this sweet face.Love her!Party friends!
Thanks to all who came to help us celebrate!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Three Beds

Polly Jane (6 months) now sleeping in the children's room, but still in her co-sleeper-converted bed. Haven (2) in the crib. Elijah in the double bed.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Library Storytime

Elijah was at least three before we hit up a library storytime. I remember telling another Mom a story about our first library storytime. She was not taken with the hilarity of my story, but instead stared at me in absolute shock: "You've NEVER taken him to storytime?!?!" I wanted to laugh so hard, but I held back~:-) If library storytime attendance is the measure of a good mother, I have certainly failed!

Here are some pictures to prove that we've been at least once. I think this was our first trip. We've now attended at least three times~;-o

Haven was exceptionally eager to participate in these Dr. Suess stories. By the end, Elijah wanted to have a job too. He wouldn't jump up and wave his around like all the other children. He sat still and just quietly raised his hand, and not very high at that. Our sweet librarian missed him in all the loud chaos. Dear little Elijah sat silently crying "But, Momma, I didn't get to have a job." I quickly schooled him on getting the teacher's attention, and that crisis was resolved~:-) It is so interesting to notice all the extreme differences in my children's personalities.

Storytime was SO FUN for my kids. Maybe we should go more often...but that would require me to be a better Mom.....


Haven Turns Two!

Sweet girl! Little did we know what we were in for after you turned two! We had cupcakes from our favorite spot to celebrate.