Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travels Ahead

Our happy baby loving his diaper change:

Eric and I are frantically getting ready for our trip this weekend. We will be heading to Pennsylvania to introduce Elijah Millard to his great-grandparents, Millard & Elizabeth Hamilton. Before Elijah arrived, we promised my grandparents that the child’s first big trip would be to see them. Like all good Hamilton family events, this has been in the planning stages for months. Grandma called me last night and this morning to let me know the dimensions of the bassinet she had obtained. (It sounds like a Pack ‘N Play.) Grandma said, “Ella tells me it folds up into a suitcase or something!”

After our big Pennsylvania trip, Elijah and I will be heading to South Carolina to spend a week with Mom & Dad. While Eric is slaving away at his job here in Nashville, I will be eating lots of ice cream and watching wildlife on the wonderful screened-in porch at my parent’s home. Mom will be driving us back home, with a quick stop in Atlanta to see her side of the family. Perhaps Uncle John will drive up to meet Elijah! Eric's parents have graciously lent us their van (read: tank) so we can take all Elijah's paraphernalia.

So, all the things I have neglected to do these last three months MUST BE DONE BEFORE I LEAVE!!! I cannot explain this strange behavior, but I can tell a story from my childhood:
Before leaving for Pennsylvania one Christmas, Dad made my 11-year-old self stay up until two AM doing important jobs such as reorganizing everyone’s collection of proof sets.
While I will not blame my procrastination on genetics, it could certainly be a learned behavior. Thanks Dad.

Eric mowing the lawn with a toy riding mower:
Elijah loving to swim with Daddy. His float is courtesy of Grammie & Grampa:
Elijah getting dry. Towel courtesy of Grammie & Grampa:
Elijah looking like a big boy:
Elijah finally being interested in a toy:
Sunburnt Daddy, Sleeping Baby:
What a wonderful life we have!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Week of Blunders

Last Tuesday I attempted to make rice. Probably among the simplest of cooking skills, rice has often been disastrous for me. (Note the time I made dinner at Lauren's Aunt's cabin. "What? You have to measure the amount of water?...I thought it was like pasta.") I set the pot of rice to boil, forgot about it while trying to stuff Elijah in the Baby Bjorn, and headed outside to repot Eric's new office plant. When I returned upstairs our entire house was filled with thick, nasty smoke. It was by far the worst smoke accident I have had in this house. The air was so thick I started coughing and my eyes were burning. I turned the burner off, threw Elijah on the couch, ran the pot outside, grabbed Elijah and the boppy and ran downstairs. Of course, it was time to feed Elijah when all this happened. So, I sat in my car, air conditioning my driveway...with smoke spilling out of my open door...and fed my child.

The temporary downstairs neighbors have not tried to befriend us, perhaps because these incidents are not uncommon. Or maybe because when I carry Elijah upstairs in his carseat I have to clomp up the steps.

Last Thursday I cleaned the couch. Our twenty year old couch was a gift from our friend's friend when they remodeled their house. It never was attractive. Nevertheless, we are very thankful to have a couch. The cushion covers seemed like they needed a good cleaning, what with the recently-acquired spit up stains and the dirt of twenty years. I removed the covers with great effort and washed everything...three times. Then I dried the covers with a little dryer sheet thinking about how pleasant it would be to sit on our clean, fresh-smelling couch. Twenty year old covers should never be washed unless you want a shredded feel to your couch.

When Eric came home he started adjusting the couch cushions. I said, "NO! I have them the best way possible." Our couch is a little beyond help at this point.

Eric is glad I can stay home and take care of things around the house.

In other news, Elijah is doing well.
Elijah practicing sitting up:
Elijah sleeping with Daddy:

Elijah sleeping just like Daddy:

Elijah dressed for church:

Elijah trying to find his thumb (done successfully for over 30 seconds this past Sunday!):

This week I will attempt more home improvement projects, hopefully yielding better results.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Months Old

Elijah was two months old yesterday! He is gettting so big - now 15 1/2 lbs and 24 inches; quite a change from his birth measurements of 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 3/4 inches. Yesterday I told Eric that Elijah is starting to look like a little boy. Grandma (via phone discernment) says he has lost his newborn cry, and a friend at church said Elijah has lost his newborn look. He is changing daily and getting to be more and more fun.

Firsts this past month:
  • First smile ~ one of the greatest things ever!

  • First cooing ~ this gets louder every day now.
  • First spend-the-night away from home
  • First babysitter & first car ride without Momma & Daddy - thanks to Grammie!
  • First time to sleep in his crib ~ at 6 weeks old.

  • First Cloth Diaper
  • First Time at the Gym Nursery ~ I had to fight tears as I walked down the hallway, even though Elijah was sleeping peacefully when I left.
  • First Independence Day
  • First Day without an umbilical cord. Yes, this did occur in his second month of life.

  • First vaccinations. Never believe that these will not put your baby in a funk - because they do, along with creating huge welts on little thighs.

  • First full nights sleep! Momma was especially happy about this. Elijah is now sleeping consistently from around 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.!
  • First lick from a dog ~ thanks to Jasie, Aunt Laura & Uncle Matt's dog.
  • First picnic
  • First swim ~ during which Elijah fell asleep in his friend Matthew's float

  • First time to wear 3 month clothes
  • First bottle ~ to prepare for emergencies. Elijah gulped down all five ounces.

We are so enjoying our little boy! God has greatly blessed us. We hope to keep everyone, especially our far-away friends and family, updated on Elijah's growth and our lives via this blog. Besides, we do not want Grammie and Grampa to forget about Elijah during their motorcycle travels out West this month.