Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandpa Millard

Ab, Bella, Miles, and Uncle Al met up with us in Myerstown. We spent much of our time visiting Grandpa Millard.

Uncle Al was forced to hold a baby. It was awkward.
Our big meal in the dining room. My friend had given us her Quiet Book. It pretty much saved the day. (Thanks Laura!)
In the dining room, the food just keeps coming. Haven ended up like this:
Then we were back to see Grandpa. Have you ever tried to corral five children, three and under, in a healthcare center? You should try it; it is certainly an adventure. {"Come here! All of you! Have some quality time with your great-grandfather!"}

" Oooh, let's show Grandpa Millard your special book!"

I love this shot.
This time was sweet chaos. I was so glad to be with Bella and Miles during the visit.

This visit was a stark reminder of how touch, communication, and relationships are vital to one's soul. You can almost immediately tell by looking at one of the residents if they have family members visiting them. Relationships are most definitely hard, but they are so good for us. God made us to learn to love Him. Then He graciously gave us a whole planet full of people on which to practice loving. Grandpa Millard is a sweet source of practice.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

L: "Oh, Elijah, soon you will be five! I love you!
{Hugging him} "I don't want you to grow up!"

E: {Returning my hug, burying his slightly damp from the shower hair in my neck}
"I don't want to grow up either!"


"Oh, Mom! If I don't grow up, I won't be able to protect you!" {strokes my cheek}

{heart melts}

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roanoke, Virginia

On our way to Pennsylvania, we meant to stop at Abigail's. Instead, we got our second round of pinkeye. (Have I mentioned how much I dislike pinkeye?) Instead of spreading the love, we stayed in Roanoke. First we stopped at Cracker Barrel.
Haven ate jelly and butter.Eric found a tiny zoo, this great park, and a huge star atop a Roanoke mountain. We had a great time there. Mostly I remember staying in constant motion so I could collect some more exercise minutes~:-) The zoo was great! It was basically empty so we got to explore the whole thing twice. The zoo's setup allows you to get close and personal with the animals. Look at these sweet faces! Momma's tickle attack! Haven: "I do it by myself!" Go, girl. The star. Fun.
Elijah helped me read the sign. See, he brought his glasses. The highlight for our little man was being able to climb up this rock wall Step aerobics with Polly Jane. She loved it. (What?)We ended our evening getting two cupcakes from this super cute shop. It even had chalkboards hung at kid-level and little riding toys! Right next door we had one of the worst eating experiences of my life. I was in the bathroom with a screaming girl about 4 times, for about 20 minutes each time. Why? Well, Haven was experiencing an incredible poop-phobia. The lights in the bathroom automatically shut off, which did not diminish the fear factor. Elijah spilled my drink on me. I think I finally ended up eating my (delicious) food in the car on the way back home. Don't worry - as soon as we checked into our room, Elijah occupied the potty. Haven began screaming because she also had to poop. Our valiant Daddy was unloading the car, but he had already brought in our travel potty. Disaster averted! Poop phobia slightly diminished! A win-win-win day!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elijah's Castle

He built the whole thing himself!!!



Best Baby

I am pretty convinced I have the sweetest baby in the whole world."I love your gams."

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hike

This may be my favorite trail in the Nashville area, the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. Oh my goodness, this hike was so enjoyable! We explored this trail as a fun way to get in a few hours for the crazy exercise competition I was doing. This place was certainly worth the drive, particularly because I was using a stroller. I'm looking forward to doing the entire 6.5 miles again - with kids on bikes!Sweet little girl gave me a tiny bit of back-ache by the end.Running, running - lots and lots of running! This used to be a railroad strip. When the railway stopped being used for trains, they paved it. The trail is lovely - flat, smooth, and going through all types of terrain.

Happy Valentine's Day~:-) Near the turn-around point, you get to cross a huge trestle. It was so high and crossed a huge, wide river. It was enough to scare this Momma. "Everyone in the stroller!" In the course of my fast and frightened pace ("What would I do if the children fell in the river??!?!?!"), we lost Polly Jane's bow. On our way back across, this sweet old man biker was waiting for us. He found her bow! I would have stopped to talk, but I was on the trestle! Eeek! We thanked God for the kind man once we were safely across.

"Haven, where did your sandwich go?"
Then we came home and baked something delicious - for Daddy, I'm sure.2.14.2011