Friday, June 24, 2011

Fire Trucks

This day came about after Elijah said, "Momma, is Grammie going to take us to see the fire trucks?"
"No, Elijah, I don't think so."
"But, Momma, she said that sometime we could go there. Yeah! She told me that!"
"Well, you can call her and ask her if you guys can go."

We placed a call to Grammie that morning, I think. Somehow, Grammie whipped together a field trip to the fire station and a bunch of friends by the time Elijah and Haven arrived. Amazing!
Fun friends.
Isn't this the sweetest little boy picture?



More Snow Fun


Daddy's Working Late


We Also Roll Like This

I'm just kind of assuming Haven was clothed later in the day. At least she is being patriotic.

It's How We Roll

Table covered in packages? No food to eat? Kitchen a wreck? Can't find the baby?

Just sit down and have a cookie. {Haven, show me a cheerful face...}

Pretty sure we'll be needing this kind of dinner tonight, too~:-)

Who is this Baby?

Seriously, what kind of kid has cheeks like that?

New Year's Day

The new year brought lots of baby action! We got to meet Baby Daniel! Hopefully Polly Jane won't roll over on him. No place to take a nap? We'll just prop you on the couch with blankets. Perfect. Haven is learning to be her own little Momma. She has really enjoyed the baby furniture and dolls she received for Christmas.

A Smile!

...Wait, did you see it? That glorious little joy-giver, the smile!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some of Our Favorite Friends

We love you Lily, Julia, & Cara!!!
1.23.2011 & 1.30.2011

The Circus!

Eric took Elijah to the circus two years ago, when he was just a wee potty-training tot. This year, Haven & I were able to go too. The potty bag was definitely in tow; and, you'll be glad to know, this exciting adventure was also accident-free!

Haven, the anemic child, has a LOT of energy. She stood up most during most of the circus. Not really so she could see better, just so she could jump and clap and move. This is her serious face.
Elijah took his "calculators," a gift of long ago from Grandpa Millard.
"Haven, look at the camera! Haven, look up at the camera with your eyes." Oh.
Love, love, love these two!