Monday, June 6, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 237 - 255}

- Baby laughing, sibling love
- Husbnad: calm when telling bad news
- Septic tank only needing a new float
- Hair loss in the postpartum period, even if it clogs a drain

- Wanting to savor Polly Jane, now 7 months old!
- Two birthday packages and a card waiting for the arrival of Elijah's birthday
- "I had the best time with Matthew!"
- Haven sliding over and over again - all by herself
- A four year old, stars, a blanket, and four years of memories

- "I just saw my baby. How can I kill it?"
- A room full of life-lovers, many from my life-loving church
- Aniyah, Niveah, & Beatrice's soon-to-be-born Sarai: all (living!) testimonies of God's grace
- Shoes & not having to step in poop
- The opportunity to help Beatrice nurse Sarai

- Grapes (new!), kiwi (new!), blueberried, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, and more - all good, sweet gift from a generous God
- Overflowing baskets of clean clothes
- 72 bpm - progress on my current piano song
- A husband willing to act
- Jolly Girl, an absolute delight

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