Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweetest Baby

Isn't he lovely?

Monday, January 7, 2013


From the Big Brother
- "Mom, can you believe that Baby Moses was this small {holding out two barely separated fingers}? He was as small as a dot, smaller than a booger in my nose."

- "Sooooo.....when's he gonna get bigger?"

- "Can I take care of him by myself?" "No, not yet. He has to get a little bit bigger." "Oh...when he has legs?" {His take-away from Froggy's Baby Sister. Clearly, I should have explained the differences between a baby tadpole and our New Baby.}

- "Mom, remember that time you were kissing and kissing Baby Moses and he pooped everywhere?  Haven, one time Momma was kissing and kissing Baby Moses and he pooped everywhere!"  {laughing}  Haven: "Well, Elijah, we won't talk about those potty words."

- "He's really cute, especially when he doesn't smell like a rotten egg." {poop reference}

From the Momma
{At 245 AM} "He's already been eating for 45 minutes, and I can't take it anymore!"

From the Biggest Sister
- "Mom, he kind of smells weird.  But...I still like him." {umbilical cord herb reference}

From the Littlest Big Sister
- {after meeting Baby Moses for the first time} {pointing} "Baby Jesus???"
- {telling my friend Maria} "Yea!  New Baby is here!  Baby Moses came OUT of Momma's bottom!"
- "Two bottles!"

From the Daddy
- "There is really a LOT of laundry."
- "Yeah.  I realized that if you go do errands, nothing gets done at the house."
- {As he finished handling another throw-up episode}"It's like one step forward, eight steps back around here."


Day Five

At breakfast - Eric: "Well, Lydia, what would you like to accomplish today?"
Lydia: "I just want everyone to be clean."
Trying to eat a pedialyte popsicle.
Watching (another) movie
Mombo: made breakfast.  made lunch.  served dinner.  Cleaned the kitchen about five times.  Folded laundry.  Read lots of books.  Cleaned up spills.  Helped a little girl go potty.  Ironed.  Held the baby.  Cleaned up more messes. 

Throw-up bucket at the ready.  Cream applied to hands that have been thoroughly scoured a few too many times.
Eric: helped a little boy throw up all night long. Cleaned a rug. Comforted a little boy. Got medicine from the pharmacy. Encouraged fluid intake. Gave all four children a bath. Slept with Elijah while he watched Narnia. Washed clothes and sheets and blankets.

A sweet cake from Ronda!
Lydia: fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby. Took a shower. Fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby. Read to the three big kids (a highlight!).
Pretty much my favorite thing about a newborn: sleeping on your belly!
My other favorite thing: his tiny little butt!  {tired, but happy Momma}
Elijah: threw up. Didn't want to read TinTin. Didn't want to read Tink & Leeli. Didn't even want to watch a movie. Finally started feeling better this afternoon.
Taking turns holding Baby Moses
Haven: built forts. Worked on being truthful. Made up games for Polly Jane. Ate four plates of spaghetti. Had growing pains.

Polly Jane: Made phone calls, mostly to Margie.  Read books with Momma during Narnia.  Asked Daddy "what happened?" numerous times when she was watching the movie.  Was, overall, wonderful.

Moses: ate, slept, ate, slept.  Slept well during the day to prepare for the big all-night-long party with Momma.  Took a bath.  Pooped out of two outfits.  Heard Happy Birthday and saw his first birthday cake.  Ate.  Ate.  Ate.....


Our New Arrival

Moses Bennett joined our family on Sunday, December 30th, 2012 at 3:44 AM.  He weighed in at 8#2, a healthy chub of a son!  We are so, so thankful to have him safely here!  God, once again, answered many of our prayers regarding this child's arrival.  We are thanking God for:

- A 2012 baby!
- A little boy who can go pee-pee!
- A fast delivery
- Susie Meeks, my very favorite midwife
- A placenta which sustained our son (although it was scrawny)
- Enough fluid to keep Baby Moses safe (although I had so little this time!)
- His good gift of another baby
- A baby BOY!!!  Elijah is particularly thankful for this good providence.