Monday, January 7, 2013

Day Five

At breakfast - Eric: "Well, Lydia, what would you like to accomplish today?"
Lydia: "I just want everyone to be clean."
Trying to eat a pedialyte popsicle.
Watching (another) movie
Mombo: made breakfast.  made lunch.  served dinner.  Cleaned the kitchen about five times.  Folded laundry.  Read lots of books.  Cleaned up spills.  Helped a little girl go potty.  Ironed.  Held the baby.  Cleaned up more messes. 

Throw-up bucket at the ready.  Cream applied to hands that have been thoroughly scoured a few too many times.
Eric: helped a little boy throw up all night long. Cleaned a rug. Comforted a little boy. Got medicine from the pharmacy. Encouraged fluid intake. Gave all four children a bath. Slept with Elijah while he watched Narnia. Washed clothes and sheets and blankets.

A sweet cake from Ronda!
Lydia: fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby. Took a shower. Fed the baby, fed the baby, fed the baby. Read to the three big kids (a highlight!).
Pretty much my favorite thing about a newborn: sleeping on your belly!
My other favorite thing: his tiny little butt!  {tired, but happy Momma}
Elijah: threw up. Didn't want to read TinTin. Didn't want to read Tink & Leeli. Didn't even want to watch a movie. Finally started feeling better this afternoon.
Taking turns holding Baby Moses
Haven: built forts. Worked on being truthful. Made up games for Polly Jane. Ate four plates of spaghetti. Had growing pains.

Polly Jane: Made phone calls, mostly to Margie.  Read books with Momma during Narnia.  Asked Daddy "what happened?" numerous times when she was watching the movie.  Was, overall, wonderful.

Moses: ate, slept, ate, slept.  Slept well during the day to prepare for the big all-night-long party with Momma.  Took a bath.  Pooped out of two outfits.  Heard Happy Birthday and saw his first birthday cake.  Ate.  Ate.  Ate.....


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