Thursday, June 9, 2011


Jenelle and I went on a quick road trip to visit our dear friend, Merilee. Highlights of the trip included:
- Extremely long monologues about my life (sorry, Jenelle!)
- Constant conversation throughout the drive
- A Burger King stop (or two?). Who eats there???
- Introducing Polly Jane to wonderful Henry
- More talking time for me
- Nursing Polly Jane all.night.long. "Oh. Are you feeding her again?"
- The ordination service of the Reverend Faris Paxton!
- Eating a delicious lasagna post-church
- Lots and lots of talking time with my friends

To me, it seems like something is missing in our relationship if I have yet to be in your home - or you in mine. Being in the Paxton's home kind of made my love for them more complete. Is anyone else like that? Merilee's house was a mini version of her mother's - absolutely wonderful, and warm, and cute, and inviting all at once. Thanks, dear friends, for a wonderful weekend away!


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Katie J said...

Ha! LOL about the feeding all.night.long- been there, done that too! All you can do is just be there in the moment! Funny, when you travel it seems like that is entirely all they want to do! Can't say I have ever been truly thankful for that, but to thank about the gift of a baby and the special unique gift and priviledge to provide his/her sustenance- WOW! God is good!