Monday, August 15, 2011

A Hike

This may be my favorite trail in the Nashville area, the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. Oh my goodness, this hike was so enjoyable! We explored this trail as a fun way to get in a few hours for the crazy exercise competition I was doing. This place was certainly worth the drive, particularly because I was using a stroller. I'm looking forward to doing the entire 6.5 miles again - with kids on bikes!Sweet little girl gave me a tiny bit of back-ache by the end.Running, running - lots and lots of running! This used to be a railroad strip. When the railway stopped being used for trains, they paved it. The trail is lovely - flat, smooth, and going through all types of terrain.

Happy Valentine's Day~:-) Near the turn-around point, you get to cross a huge trestle. It was so high and crossed a huge, wide river. It was enough to scare this Momma. "Everyone in the stroller!" In the course of my fast and frightened pace ("What would I do if the children fell in the river??!?!?!"), we lost Polly Jane's bow. On our way back across, this sweet old man biker was waiting for us. He found her bow! I would have stopped to talk, but I was on the trestle! Eeek! We thanked God for the kind man once we were safely across.

"Haven, where did your sandwich go?"
Then we came home and baked something delicious - for Daddy, I'm sure.2.14.2011


George and Krista said...

Hey Lydia,

Was thinking about you and your sweet family yesterday as I was making lasagna out of the giant zucchinis my sister gave us. Its what you made for us almost two years ago now when we came to your house for dinner. Hope you all are well. Now that I think of it, that apple pie you made then was soooo good- will have to look for that recipe too and make it soon! Hi to Eric and the kiddos from all of us.


lydia said...

Oh yum! I forgot about that since we have had just a paltry showing of zucchini this year. I hope yours is delicious!
Hello to your sweet girls! I hope they have big bows in their hair:-)