Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes

L: "Oh, Elijah, soon you will be five! I love you!
{Hugging him} "I don't want you to grow up!"

E: {Returning my hug, burying his slightly damp from the shower hair in my neck}
"I don't want to grow up either!"


"Oh, Mom! If I don't grow up, I won't be able to protect you!" {strokes my cheek}

{heart melts}


MTH said...

Good kid!

MTH said...

Good kid!

Three Little "M"s said...

How sweet!!!!

Grammie said...

That is so precious!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Aaaah! I'm melting, too! I love how they want to take care of us. :)

Once I was carrying Eliana up the stairs about a year ago, and I groaned with her weight and said, Please don't grow anymore, Eliana!
And she said, But Mama, when I grow up and you're a teeny, tiny Grandma, I'll carry YOU! :) It got even harder to carry her up the stairs at that moment because I was laughing so hard.

You asked about our dollhouse- my husband built it with an older man from our church- he is a woodworker, and my husband wanted to learn from him. I designed it- you know, This many rooms, this many windows, about this wide, this deep, this tall... It was a blank canvas when we gave it to her on her birthday, and she still loved it! Since then, I've picked up antique wallpaper samples from antique stores here and there, and used wallpaper paste to paper some of the rooms. So much fun!

So- that's my advice; find someone who knows what they're doing and build one with them- then you actually have an heirloom on your hands! :) Or keep your eyes peeled on Ebay and in antique and thrift stores...

Blessings on your day, my friend!