Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts #310 - #341}

- HamFam 2011

- Tubing with haven, Reagan, & Bella
- "I swim! ALL BY MYSELF! Look at me!"
- Big boy doing trick jumps with Daddy
- Holding hands - Haven, Momma, Elijah, Daddy - and..."1, 2, 3, JUMP!"
- Cousins and Second Cousins

- Hugs, laughing, and coffee
- Birth stories retold
- Bella - her voice, the Good Ship Lollipop, her ringlets, her!
- Uncle Tom's (inappropriate) Taboo skills
- Watching people love Jesus at a lake house

- Opportunities to instruct
- The secret room downstairs
- Joe's talent
- Uncle Tom's book recommendations
- Time to hold Baby Nora; cuddles and naps with Baby Nora

- Fat, kissable, wonderful cheeks
- Good food all.week.long
- Time with Rebecca, my little Indian~:-)
- Enjoyable cooking
- Opportunities to teach my children - this time at a lake, a dock, a dam, and a gristmill

- "And then Mombo will come to our house FOR A WEEK!...and maybe longer!" ~Elijah
- A tea party with Reagan, Bella, Haven, and Nora
- Good voices, singing
- Awesome examples of godliness, servanthood, and joy from Maggie, Rachel, & Aunt Lisa
- A God who kindly saved this family

- Butt cheeks hanging out of bathing suits
- Encouraging talks
- Compliments on Elijah's behavior, people who notice his behavior, and God's visible working
- A discussion with Lily on college choice, hearing bits of her heart
- A couch piled high with children watching The Incredibles

- The God Who gives sight

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