Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travels Ahead

Our happy baby loving his diaper change:

Eric and I are frantically getting ready for our trip this weekend. We will be heading to Pennsylvania to introduce Elijah Millard to his great-grandparents, Millard & Elizabeth Hamilton. Before Elijah arrived, we promised my grandparents that the child’s first big trip would be to see them. Like all good Hamilton family events, this has been in the planning stages for months. Grandma called me last night and this morning to let me know the dimensions of the bassinet she had obtained. (It sounds like a Pack ‘N Play.) Grandma said, “Ella tells me it folds up into a suitcase or something!”

After our big Pennsylvania trip, Elijah and I will be heading to South Carolina to spend a week with Mom & Dad. While Eric is slaving away at his job here in Nashville, I will be eating lots of ice cream and watching wildlife on the wonderful screened-in porch at my parent’s home. Mom will be driving us back home, with a quick stop in Atlanta to see her side of the family. Perhaps Uncle John will drive up to meet Elijah! Eric's parents have graciously lent us their van (read: tank) so we can take all Elijah's paraphernalia.

So, all the things I have neglected to do these last three months MUST BE DONE BEFORE I LEAVE!!! I cannot explain this strange behavior, but I can tell a story from my childhood:
Before leaving for Pennsylvania one Christmas, Dad made my 11-year-old self stay up until two AM doing important jobs such as reorganizing everyone’s collection of proof sets.
While I will not blame my procrastination on genetics, it could certainly be a learned behavior. Thanks Dad.

Eric mowing the lawn with a toy riding mower:
Elijah loving to swim with Daddy. His float is courtesy of Grammie & Grampa:
Elijah getting dry. Towel courtesy of Grammie & Grampa:
Elijah looking like a big boy:
Elijah finally being interested in a toy:
Sunburnt Daddy, Sleeping Baby:
What a wonderful life we have!


Juillet said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, Lyd. It's wonderful to get these glimpses of your happy life.

I hope your big trip to PA is enjoyable and hassle-free!

Shawna said...

I absolutely love your (ok elijah's) blog....this way I get to see the adorable pics of you all even though I'm so far away

Rebecca Nugent said...

It was great catching up with you over the phone! Can't wait til our boys can play when we get back:)

Jasie said...

Well, I am going to miss Elijah the next couple of weeks. I have been telling my friend, Angel, about how sweet and cute he is. I am trying to convince her that he is no threat to her :) I am looking forward to that first facial lick coming up in the future. You guys be safe and remember me!!

Jasie, (Matt and Laura's doggie)

Caroline said...

Lydia! I just found your blog (via Hilary's). Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. It's great to hear about what you're doing!