Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jiggety Jig

Elijah is a travelin' man! He is also now 3 months old! Measuring in at 16 1/2 pounds and 25", he has certainly slowed down his growth rate this past month. Which is a good thing, because he is already in six month clothing!

Packing was an ordeal. Eric pointed out that we were taking our entire house. Elijah won the prize for heaviest packer; he filled our biggest suitcase with just his own things. The necessity of planning for five cute outfits a day won out, only because Eric's parents let us borrow their van.

We stopped at this great hotel in Roanoke, Virginia to give Elijah (and us) a break. Roanoke really has a lot of fine dining to offer; each restaurant has its own trademark perks such as, oh, air conditioning.

We had promised my paternal grandparents that our first big trip with the baby would be to see them since they can no longer travel. It was a long trip up there, but I would do it over again anytime. A friend said, "If children's children are the crown of old men (Pr. 17:6), then what are grandchildren's children?" Elijah brought such joy to his great-grandparents. I loved being able to watch them love him. My grandfather bounced Elijah on his knees and tried to teach him how to "give me five." He was also the first one to get Elijah laughing during the trip. Grandma had the privilege, numerous times, of rocking Elijah through his screaming spell into sweet slumber. Both great-grandmothers proved to be excellent rockers.

We spent a lot of time on the balcony (because sometimes the outside summer temperature is cooler than inside their apartment) which had wonderful freshly-painted rocking chairs. Here we are playing bus-ride:

Elijah tended to be the center of everyone's attention.
Eric held a photo shoot for the four generations present.

Eric was able to be with us all day for an entire week! Elijah LOVES his Daddy so much; they got lots and lots of play time together.
In South Carolina, we spent lots of time at Mom and Dad's house. I also consumed quite a lot of ice cream...mmmm. We tried to hang out on the back porch but the stifling heat and humidity of the deep south prevented us from staying out there long. Elijah was able to meet our friends Dorothy and Sandy; we even made a trip to Dad's office. Elijah decided he would become a lawyer too...but only if it entitles him to such a wonderful chair.

Next we headed to Atlanta where Elijah's spoiling continued by constant holding and rocking. He met Aunt Donna, Uncle Dennis, Aunt Heather, and Uncle John. Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw ensured that Elijah never had to cry himself to sleep during his stay. Mom, Maw-Maw, and I took Elijah swimming which, as always, he loved!

Our trip was wonderful, but we were very glad to get back to Daddy. The day after our return Grammie & Grampa came over to see Elijah.........and me. Eric and I gave Elijah his first haircut which, at best, could be called uneven.

Praise the Lord for so many wonderful friends and family members to visit, for our safe travels, and for providing a home to which we can return!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving this blog because I get to watch your wonderful little boy grow up (plus you have such wonderful commentary on the gorgeous photos) Shawna

Anonymous said...

love reading all about you trip and visits with so many relatives. The pictures are great.
Aunt Lisa

Rachel said...

Cousin Lydia, you rock at your blogging endeavors! The pics are great and I love the captions. Can't wait to see you three--let's talk labor and delivery, I'm getting nervous and Reagan is only 7 weeks away from being born. And, she, like cousin Elijah was, is vertex--but we hope she flips! Love, Rachel

Anonymous said...

aaaa! i love the pic of mom and my little man!. i think he looks like he's about to eat ms. bonita. ha ha. seriously though, i think he is the cutest baby ever! you should set him up for some gerber commercials.

aunt abigail