Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been a busy day here on the homefront. We've had a lot of activity in the henhouse. Six ladies in nesting boxes plus one waiting in line. We were so amazed, I ran inside to get my camera. Sailor was especially proud to report our second 10-Egg-Day!
We've all got a lot on our minds:
- Haven: {While watching the castle appear at the beginning of a Disney movie} "I'm going to GO THERE!...Momma, how we get there? I don't want to walk in the creek." Has anyone else ever noticed that the castle is surrounded by water?
- Elijah: "Well, I get to go on some of the extra big rides - not Haven, not Luke, not Polly Jane, not Abbie. But, we don't need to talk about it because they might get sad. Yeah, but I'll get to go on them. AND I can go on all of Haven's rides too, right Momma?"
- Eric: "If sap came out of a log and dried, what color do you think it would be?" "Hmmm, no, this was white. It looked like bird dookey."

And with that, we're off to Disney World!

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Amy said...

yay! the photo of the nesting boxes full and the hen waiting in line cracks me up!