Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Library Storytime

Elijah was at least three before we hit up a library storytime. I remember telling another Mom a story about our first library storytime. She was not taken with the hilarity of my story, but instead stared at me in absolute shock: "You've NEVER taken him to storytime?!?!" I wanted to laugh so hard, but I held back~:-) If library storytime attendance is the measure of a good mother, I have certainly failed!

Here are some pictures to prove that we've been at least once. I think this was our first trip. We've now attended at least three times~;-o

Haven was exceptionally eager to participate in these Dr. Suess stories. By the end, Elijah wanted to have a job too. He wouldn't jump up and wave his around like all the other children. He sat still and just quietly raised his hand, and not very high at that. Our sweet librarian missed him in all the loud chaos. Dear little Elijah sat silently crying "But, Momma, I didn't get to have a job." I quickly schooled him on getting the teacher's attention, and that crisis was resolved~:-) It is so interesting to notice all the extreme differences in my children's personalities.

Storytime was SO FUN for my kids. Maybe we should go more often...but that would require me to be a better Mom.....


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