Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Food

My two very much loved Pollys:

How precious are these photos and the times we are able to spend together!

On our way home we stopped to play in Chattanooga. Eric let Elijah, Polly Jane, and me ride the carousel. Haven could have ridden too, but she started screaming when the (very loud) music began to play.

Have you done the riverwalk in Chattanooga? It is wonderful! The trail is just eight miles long, I believe, and perfect for strollers. Incidentally, Eric and I had a fight over when we should end the walk. I wanted to *finish* the trail, while Eric thought the cold weather, lack of jackets, abscence of food, three young children, and need to finish driving home that evening should make us call it a night. You'll all be glad to know, I went ahead and submitted. I'm not exactly sure what my problem is, but I have some kind of compulsion to get to the end of the trail. (Flashback: Table Rock. Mom, Ab, John - oh, the memories!)

We ended our long walk at Mellow Mushroom where Polly Jane enjoyed her first taste of solid food. What was it, you ask? Pizza crust, of course. (Praise the Lord we haven't been plagued with food allergies/issues with our kids!) Just a few days shy of six months, Polly Jane tore up her first food. It was fun (yet, disgusting) to watch her.


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