Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 67-88}

- The ability and desire to read & an ever-growing book list
- Hard conversations with a courageous husband (mine!)
- Hot showers and a clean body
- In-laws whom I trust to care for my children
- Screams of "Poppa!!!", jumping, and running feet when my father-in-law arrives
- "Potty! Pottttyyy! Paaahhhhttttyyyy!"
- Quiet
- A baby sleeping on my chest, all of her fitting there except the chunky legs
- The suck-suck and the drip-drip of skin-to-skin nourishment
- Walking into sunset - blue, white, pink, orange, red: all God-colors
- A book full of stories, the best stories, to tell {Currently - Joseph}
- A wonderful double stroller and an Ergo
- The ability to travel and walk with all three
- Skyping with Mombo
- Cats prancing through the yard, exploring
- Nursing us both to sweet sleep
- Unclogged toilets
- Hot baths
- Good books - bringing tears, rebuke, and hope
- Smiling, well-rested boy face, joyfully telling Haven that soon we'll go see Bella!
- Hunger
- A wagon ride for Haven, initiated by Elijah

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Abigail said...

So... are you into nursing?