Monday, January 24, 2011

Edventure Children's Museum

Mombo & PawPaw took us all to Edventure! It was, as always, really fun. Elijah liked the Lego room this year, which he could not have cared less about last time we went. It is so exciting to see his interests expanding and changing. This trip was even more fun because PawPaw (hater of all germy, communal things) accompanied us. Way to step out of your comfort zone, Dad! Haven must have thought this was real food!Elijah and this S.W.A.T. hat were inseparable those first few days after he got it.He's tall enough to collect the eggs now!Lego Room - absolutely amazing!Bella Boo was a fun playmate, although I think we lost her at least twice. Ooops.Still BFFs. (Right Bella?)Miles showed us his favorite new activity - rolling over - while they played in the baby area.Polly Jane practiced holding up her head to watch the amazing Miles.
Look at these sweet babies!Elijah made a mask...and a machete. (Good one, honey.)We ended this day excursion with pizza from my favorite South Carolina eatery, Chicago Uno's. Although not my very favorite pizza place, I really like to squeeze in a trip there every time I am home. We really missed having Joe around all day. He contemplated Skyping in for another game of Charades that night.

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