Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Hamilton Family Christmas

Fun, fun, fun times. We were able to spend Christmas 2010 with Mom & Dad, MawMaw & PawPaw, Uncle Dwight, Joe & Ab, Bella & Miles. Polly Jane was a little overwhelmed.All my favorite people: Haven, sporting some of her new *bling.* She was super into the stick-on princess earrings Bella shared with her. Oh my. Bella immediately started taking care of her new baby. Haven's favorite present was a pretend make-up bag. Here I am trying to show her how to apply lipstick. It was a little awkward for me, since I don't actually know how to do it myself. Thankfully, Mombo took over the makeup lessons. (Love that necklace Mom!) My new baby! Bella, still caring for her new baby: MawMaw - delighted to watch the children open their presents: They all liked to help each other~:-) Our current teaching topic: "Is that Food? Then DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!" Dad, trying out the new shoulder massage device:PawPaw, with his favorite present:
When I was small, MawMaw got me a keyboard. She wanted the tradition to continue with Haven. Boy has this toy been a hit! Elijah, constantly adding to his outfit: You can never have too many men on a couch...especially when watching Davy Crockett.It was a Merry Christmas!

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litabug said...

Haha!! I LOVE Polly Jane's face in that first photo. :)