Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Christmas

Haven was ready to go Christmas morning. She has been giving this look a lot lately. Elijah is at that awkward learning-how-to-smile stage. First Christmas for sweet Polly Jane!One of Elijah's gifts for Haven - a microphone (as if she needs any amplification!): The theme for our gifts this year was dress-up. Now we are well-stocked for imaginitive play. Eric won this monkey at his work Christmas party the day before. The kids were so excited about all the lollipops! Eric's gift: The Pacific!
My gifts were two hibiscus plants and some promised, child-free reading time. I wouldn't have high hopes of that happening if my gift hadn't come from "Eric, the man who makes all your dreams come true." A little ballerina playing with a gun... ...and a baby. This was such a fun, fun day. We putzed around the house the rest of the day; Eric & Elijah did some work outside. It was super relaxed and, thus, super fun!


Anonymous said...

"Did a little work outside" is quite the understatement! Elijah and I embarked upon approximately half of a 10 hour leaf raking expedition, the end of which left me sore. I think perhaps this should be added to the P90X exercises.

- Eric

lydia said...

That is so funny. I couldn't remember what you guys were doing. I thought it might have been leaf-raking, but I certainly didn't remember it was the day you did most of it.
Anyway, man who makes all my dreams come true, when should I be planning my coffee date with you?