Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 35-50}

- Children who hover & the patience it forces me to have
- Witnessing the ordination of a dear friend's husband & being close enough to see her radiate with joy
- Jenelle's wonderful visit
- Watching Jenelle love my children in all their babbling, high-maintenance glory
- Hours in the car enjoying (guiltlessly!) the pleasure of a long, long talk
- Inspiration (to play, to love, to sit, to create beauty) from watching others
- A new coffee pot & lots of cream
- Eric surprising me with the idea of an at-home coffee date
- A free coffee due to another's impatience
- Hearing pregnancy news; the joy in expecting to see another baby
- Staying until closing because we have so much to say
- Familiarity with these Scripture passages & the joy brought from reading them again
- Haven: "Gawawawawd. Tank You!"
Elijah: "And thank You for the Christ...." {He listens!}
- A tiny church booming with "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"
- Knowing a God who gives blessings! "For You have dealt bountifully with me!" (Ps 13:6)
- A husband who is happy to let me have a good time


MTH said...

. . . your baby?

lydia said...

Michael - maybe I'm saving that news for HamFam 2011! Or perhaps you are planning to be the ones with news???