Thursday, May 1, 2008

103 degrees

Should this be concerning? "A fever is not necessarily bad" Anne Marie tells me. "What? You haven't given him anything? You should always give a fever-reducer for anything 101.5 or greater" says Dr. Frank while casting me the evil eye which clearly state "You are too stupid to have a child." (This following the obligatory "Do you have any other children?" "Mmmmm....Hmmmm.") Well, Dr. Frank, maybe you can pass along your tips to your own advice nurse. If Fundamentals of Good Mothering: Medical Facts You Should Know Before Giving Birth has yet to be published, at least consistency at the pediatrician's office would be helpful. This is what happens when you call in on Dr. Pinkley's day off.

My child's activities of late:

My house is quite clean, but I would gladly trade that for a happy, eating, fever-free boy.


Anonymous said...

Your experience with conflicting advice is one reason why I most often consult several sources on the internet and in books to find a consensus (if possible) before calling the pediatrician's office. If it makes you feel any better, I recently got a reading from Nadine's ear of 106 before I gave her anything. How bad a Mom am I?


Jgmckinley said...

just blame it on those dumb R.N.'s. they don't know anything. ;) i'm glad elijah is a thumb sucker like his aunt abigail.
i heard the price of braces are going down....
well, just don't use that poison mom and dad used on me to get me to quit. i blame that junk for my lack of an ability to memorize. elijah's loving aunt abigail

Marie said...

Love that picture of you reading to your boy! I'm gonna come see you. Glad Eric's been around more.