Friday, April 11, 2008

The Eleventh Month

Elijah's eleventh month was great! We continue to be amazed at how delightful this little blessing is to us. He is now 29.5 inches and 24 lbs (that means 18 month clothes!). This month was full of many new discoveries and accomplishments. A few highlights:

Learning to pull up:

- Giving a high five (courtesy of Lauren's teaching, 48 hours before her wedding)
- Having healthy snacks: - Eating messy foods (thanks Grace for the teething biscuits!):- Throwing Mr. Moose out of the crib, then leaning over to see his fate
- Continual battles with keeping food and the sippy cup on the tray
- Looking out the bedroom window, a favorite pastime:

- Helping Daddy through tax season:- Playing at the park with Daddy:

- Lots of wagon rides with Grammie: Sweet Elijah,

Daddy and I are so very thankful to be your parents! Every night I thank God that He let you be in our family for one more day. We love playing with you, making you laugh, reading books to you, feeding you, taking you on walks, watching you explore, and seeing your mind develop.

You have learned so much this month! You went from rocking on your hands and knees to crawling at amazing speeds (thanks to chasing Jasie) to pulling up on everything, to cruising. You have also become intrigued by books this month. You are happy to crawl into your room, pulls books off your bookshelf, and turn the pages all by yourself. I always keep a book in your crib with you so you'll have something to do between six and seven AM. One morning I walked in to see you reading Duck by the Sea. It was one of my favorite moments this month; I do hope you will grow up to love reading.

Your stubborn little will has exerted itself this month. You love to throw things off your highchair. I'm not sure if it is the sound of things landing or the way food looks different after having splatted, but this activity fascinates you. I'm continually surprised by your disobedience, and continually driven to pray that God will give you a heart that loves Him and that wants to obey. Seeing your sins has pointed out the wickedness in my own heart better than any sermon ever could.

Little boy, I do love you so! We have so many fun things to do this month - friends to see, grocery stores to visit, second cousins to befriend, and a birthday! I can't wait!



Lauren said...

I am so happy I get to take part in Elijah's development. Yeah for high 5's.

Jgmckinley said...

shorts pj's? now that is fancy. that is my favorite dad/son picture. :) what a good mom you are lydia! i love how you are taking the time to appreciate and log God's creation (elijah). i am missing so much, and it makes me so sad, but we pray for our little nephew and his parents! `ab