Monday, June 23, 2008


Grammie always has super fun ideas! She invited us over to swim and boy was it fun! She even had TWO of those water balls that Elijah loves (to suck on!).
First we checked out the kiddie pool.
Grammie got her feet wet.
Matthew quickly immersed himself.
Elijah was slightly more timid.

Two Mommas and three(!) babies. (It's not me, guys.)
The new float was a big hit, especially with a water ball nearby.
Then these two Mommas decided that the babies should learn to go all the way underwater. "They aren't scared of it right now, so we should probably get them used to it," went the reasoning.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Grammie!


Garguile Family said...

I'm glad you made the point to say 'not me' because I've been thinking about you in that respect lately! Love the pics of Elijah!

Anonymous said...

The reasoning of those moms is GREAT!!!!