Monday, April 20, 2009

Opening the Mail

Today we received a super fun package in the mail from Ab, Joe, and Bubba. Elijah and Momma were very excited to open it - right in the middle of the living room floor. Not only did it contain beautiful dresses and stylish apparel, each gift was individually wrapped in tissue paper! It was like having a little Christmas.
Elijah immediately became taken with his monkey (leash!) and....a little ladybug hat. He wore them around all afternoon. Tonight I was helping him put the monkey on to show Daddy and Elijah said "hat? hat?" He is big on associations~;-)
Doesn't he look like he is going on safari?

(There were several times today that Elijah had on real pants. There were also several times he had on no pants. Just be glad he's got big boy pants on here.)

Thank you sweet sister for showering us with gifts and love!


Anonymous said...

YEAH FOR the Monkey!!! And those adorable little boys look in those sweet hats!!! :)

Such a sweet sister you have!!

Rebecca Nugent said...

Pics of Haven?