Monday, May 2, 2011

Thanking God for...

{Gifts 210 - 236}

- Completing plyometrics for the last time & recalling all the improvement I've made

- Haven's declarations of "Naked Boy!' concerning herself & Polly Jane
- Hearing Elijah pray with them in the back seat. "Dear God, thank You for my finger..."
- Saturday morning planning session
- Mom's willingness to come live with me for ten days
- Jason's man skills (& willingness to serve!)

- Healthy babies despite polyhydramnios
- Friends working together to get Elijah to a party
- Grace, a baby, a save, a picture, a heartbeat!
- Twins, kept in utero
- Visualizing amnion, yolk sac, umbilical cord in utero

- Cynnamon teaching me that prayers are not wasted, that situation are not hopeless, & that God changes hearts
- Donna's encouraging message - encouraging me in my tasks & encouraging me to encourage
- Mom, Mom!, MOM!
- God's grace in giving Mom energy to care for three children, days on end, with a cheerful heart
- Polly Jane's immediate attachment to Mom; her sideways glances to Mom for affirmation/assurance

- Sleep - sweet, although short
- The ability to learn; Jim - a wonderful teacher
- Four babies saved! "And that makes it all worth it" from a supportive husband.
- Friends hanging out way too late, laughter, and Mississippi Mud
- Little boys rushing in with a worm, a feather, excitement

- "Look Momma! Look!" - a girl anxious to share life with me
- Haven's desire to always include the whole family: "& Lijah & Olly Jane & Daddy & Momma & Lija...."
- Fizzy peachies...coming! Bluebeerry blossoms
- A straight line of new fence posts and a pasture in which to play
- Big beautiful bows

- Little boy trying to do the hand motions

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It was great fun and I loved it.