Monday, December 10, 2012

Home Life

This is the high chair our friends bought us when I was expecting Elijah.  Five years and three children later, it finally bit the dust.  Here Elijah prepares for his last haircut in his highchair.  It is so weird to think of him using that as a baby!
Eggs for breakfast, a trend for which I am very thankful.  We also have them for lunch and dinner~:-)

My kids are REALLY into forts.  The couch was moved away from the wall for flea-vacuuming purposes (more on that saga soon) and the kids found a new hideout.
Moving the couch spawned a whole new set of adventure for these guys.  That is what I consider creative play~;-)
7.10.2012 - 7.12.2012

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Anonymous said...

Sad the highchair bit the dust...where has time gone. I remember coming over the day you were putting it together (not sure why, but I do). Our babies are getting BIG!!!