Tuesday, September 25, 2007

He Rolls!

Elijah has been diligently working at rolling over for the past two weeks. He has been able to roll from stomach to back since he was eight days old (save a brief obese stage he went through). Rolling from his back to his stomach has proven a little more difficult, especially given the weight of his head. Sunday night, however, all his hard work paid off! He rolled over all by himself, even pulling his arm out from underneath his chest. He was so happy and proud of himself. The novelty has yet to wane apparently - Elijah continues to be proud of himself at each subsequent roll-over. "Look! Did everyone see that one?"

His behavior reminds me of yelling at my Mom to watch me jump off the diving board every single time I jumped. "Mom!...Mom! Mom, watch this one - it's 'Lady on the Telephone.' .......Mom? Did you see it? Get it? How it was 'lady on the telephone'? Here, I'll do it again."
Now I must begin childproofing my home; crawling will not be far away, I believe. Elijah already somehow mysteriously scoots from one end of his blanket to the other. Here are some action shots of his new trick:

Elijah continues to be a delight. His laugh is becoming more intentional; he loves to be tickled on his chest and legs and talked to by anyone. Give him some eye contact and you will receive a wonderful smile in return. Play with him and you may even here a gurgly, deep, almost-grunting laugh (which is the best sound I have ever heard). We love this baby!

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Elijah!