Tuesday, September 18, 2007

While Cooking Lentil Soup

Lentils take more than 20 minutes of simmering to arrive at the intended "tender" stage. And so, I am awake, awaiting tenderness.

Eric and I had a wonderful time celebrating our second anniversary in Chattanooga. Elijah stayed with Grammie and Grampa, who took very good care of him. They even let us call all the time to check in. We stayed in a great cabin, ate good food, and toured Chattanooga. The best thing we did was rent bikes and ride along the riverwalk. Here is Eric modeling the next fashion craze. (Sorry ladies - he's taken!) Eric discovered a fascinating bamboo grove during one of our expeditions. Another photo album, "Why It Is Important to Wear Clothing that Fits" or "Terrible Angles at Which to Take Pictures," was also shot during this trip.

MawMaw, Uncle Dwight, and Mom took the three of us to Myrtle Beach. We had a great time! Uncle Dwight is probably the absolute best person with whom to go on vacation - he even suggested putting Elijah's carseat in his car so we could all travel together!

Before hitting the shore, we stayed a few days with my parents.
Elijah loves his Grandpa

Mom & Elijah wore matching sailboat outfits~:-) After having strangers help her out, MawMaw became an expert in navigating the lazy rivers. "Just get me near the rail! Just get me to the rail!"

Elijah's first time at the beach was so much fun. He hated everything the first day (after Momma failed to "look out for big waves" and a wave washed over Eric's back and chest and hit Elijah), but had lots of fun afterwards.

Burgers and much good food were had.

We were able to see our friends Keren, Jordan, and Grace who now live in Myrtle Beach. Grace pushed around her little stroller and took care of her baby during their visit.

Our little man got his four month shots today. They were terrible. Unlike last time, he cried and cried as soon as the needle touched him. The rest of the day has involved a lot more crying and a lot of Children's Tylenol. He weighs 18 pounds & 5 ounces and is 25 inches long. Our fabulous pediatrician, Bram Pinkley, said of Elijah "I really wish he would gain some weight."
Tomorrow Eric will go to work, and I will rub knots out of Elijah's legs.

Time to check on the lentils...

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