Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching Up

Since you last saw me, I have:

- Found my feet
- Awakened in a fashion quite similar to how my Momma awakens (i.e. "tore up")
- Started to notice the world in a whole new way....with an open mouth
- Gone on my first business trip with Daddy
- Been dressed up like Peter Rabbit, one of my favorite storytime books.
Oh, and I grew 2 pounds and 3 inches in five weeks! Plus, I tasted my first real food - acorn squash - Mmmmm!


The Stansells said...

cute new pictures. You forgot about his new little teeth though! That was a big accomplishment:)

Hope we can have a playdate soon!

Creason Family said...

lydia-your boy is just getting cuter and cuter! in answer to your post on maggie's blog-she has very skinny feet so it is hard to find shoes and socks that will stay on. these have velcro which is great! it is fun chatting through our blogs!

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! Thanks for keeping us updated with pictures!! much love to your growing family:)

maggie said...

lydia- he is so cute! Thanks for sharing pictures with us! Much love to your family:)
Mags and Mike