Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sometimes Terrible Things Happen

Hives, for instance. This round went on for several days and was accompanied by extreme nausea and lots of vomiting (thanks to this little bundle of joy, currently in utero). After being threatened with the statement, "You might just have these off and on through your whole pregnancy," I am extremely thankful to have been given a reprieve from the itching/burning craziness.

Any thoughts on what could have caused this? Before you answer, a little history:
- Diagnosed with "Chronic Hives" in childhood
- Underwent numerous allergy tests, which only served to diagnose a mild allergy to dog fennel
- Had an emergency appendectomy in 1997
- Never had hives again until this pregnancy

I am seriously hoping to avoid getting these again, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hilary said...

Oh, Lyd. Ug. I don't know anything about hives, but I will pray for you. That looks pretty miserable.