Friday, August 29, 2008

Aunt Abigail & Uncle Joe!

On the way home from Pennsylvania we took a slight detour to see Ab & Joe. Abigail cooked us a fabulous breakfast, and Joe surprised us by taking his lunch break really early. Abigail inspired me to put effort into decorating with her super, super cute apartment. (Perhaps I should add some color to my house?) They are some of the people at the top of my need-to-live-close-to list.

Elijah had a fun time playing with Jackson. He kept crawling into the dog carrier - yuck! (But we let him do it because he thought it was SO FUN...that's the kind of Mom I am.) Elijah was also fascinated with their cat, Humphrey. Jackson liked Elijah; Humphrey did not.

When we were sitting down to breakfast, Joe said, "Wait. What does Elijah's shirt 'I'm a big brother!' mean?" Abigail jerked around from the stove, staring at me with her mouth wide open. It was so fun to be able to tell them in person. This new baby will have cousins very close in age on both sides of the family. Best friends???? ~:-)

Two Mommas and THREE Babies:

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Tom said...

Hello niece Lydia. This is your favorite uncle. I am beginning to read blogs. This one is very nice. I hope your move is going well. Gkily, Uncle Tom