Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great-Grandpa & GiGi's - Day One

First let me say, Pennsylvania is a VERY, VERY LONG WAY AWAY. We love our family very much; unfortunately, this does not shorten the TERRIBLY LONG DRIVE. Momma and Elijah tied for most complaining during the TRIP THAT WOULD NOT END. I think we need a tv in our car. Oh, wait, Elijah won't watch tv.

Elijah helping unpack: This may be a sign of things to come; he is really good at emptying containers.

Much of our time at Great-Grandpa & GiGi's was spent on the deck due to the temperature of their apartment (think warm, exceptionally cozy). This was just great for Elijah. He found little pieces of wood which he could BANG! BANG! BANG! and a broom, which had uncanny similarities to the aforementioned oar. He was often tempted to "drop" one of these fun toys through the railings, but was kept from doing so.

My grandparents are so fun - they even have His & Hers rocking chairs!

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