Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Horse Whisperer

On our way up to Pennsylvania, we spent the night with our friends Lauren and Drew. Even though we were only there for a very few hours, it was still so fun to see them. Drew proved to be quite the wrangler (Grav, you would be proud!) when he brought the horse up from the bottom of the mountain by whistling, running, and waving his arms....all so Elijah could see him.

Elijah LOVED the horse! Eric had him on his shoulders on the way down the hill and Elijah kept pointing and saying "Ddddshsshs! Ddddshshssh! Aaaagh!" and various other noises. Eric said it was like he was saying, "Daddy! Daddy! Do you see him? Look! Do you see him! Hurry! Hurry!" Now, he gets excited at pictures of dogs and pictures of horses in his books.

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