Friday, August 15, 2008

Riverbanks Zoo

Elijah would laugh everytime the sea lion would swim by and snort out water.
Watching the sea lion show with Grandma:
My favorite type of flower - a hibiscus. (Note to Husband: Favorite flower is NOT a peace lily.)A giant Galapagos turtle, the open mouth displaying the Creator's genius:
Mom, Elijah, and I went to the zoo for free thanks to the reciprocity offered by our membership to the Nashville Zoo (thanks, Mom and Dad!). Despite the heat, we had a lovely time looking at the animals, exploring the various gardens, and playing on the playground.

As Mom likes to tell visitors, "Riverbanks Zoo was ranked as one of the top ten zoos in the country." It really is amazing, and they have greatly expanded their gardens since the last time I visited. They now have a water garden and a children's garden. It was really a treat to go.

Grandpa came home early to get a little exploring time in with Elijah. During their exploits, Elijah managed to find and put on a sweatband - "The only one I have left," says Dad. It was really funny to see Elijah sporting a sweatband. (Does anyone - besides my Dad - still wear these?) He kept it on all through dinner, during which we noted that Elijah's head must be as big as an adults.
All done!

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Jgmckinley said...

if people don't wear sweatbands anymore, they will certainly start after this fashion statement.

-aunt abigail