Thursday, August 14, 2008

Favorite Toy

This oar belonging to the blow-up boats proved to be Elijah's VERY FAVORITE toy at Mom and Dad's house. He would make a beeline for it as soon as anyone let him outside, and he even succeeded in bringing it in the house a time or two. It was obviously way too long for him to handle, so many tears and squeals were heard as Elijah "got stuck" every few minutes with the oar. How are you supposed to teach your child to try different strategies to free the oar without squealing for assistance?

He tends to like toys just about this length. At GiGi and Great-Grandpa's house, Elijah found a nasty short broom on the porch. "That's probably been there for 17 years," Grandma remarked. Elijah cares nothing for the cleanliness of an item, just the height. At home he is now playing with the yardstick and with a little riding horse (thanks Ian!). If you want to bring a toy by, just make sure it is tall.

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