Friday, August 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Day Two: A Fall

At our house, Elijah often peeks around the shower curtain when Daddy is in the shower. It is so funny because he tries to be sneaky, but never succeeds because he is so loud. Eric still gives Elijah a big reaction each time. This has been a safe activity because Elijah has not (yet) been able to get into the bathtub.

Alas, in our Pennsylvania dwelling the shower curtain merely shielded a shower - a shower with only a 2" rim around it. Elijah burst into the bathroom ("Whaaahahha" is typically his noise of choice), flung open the shower curtain, and promptly fell into the shower with Eric. Sadly, Mr. Moose also fell in the shower. Eric said, "I just looked down and saw my Teeny laying on the bottom of the shower." Eric and I could not stop laughing, despite Elijah's startled and upset countenance. That is what I get for getting Elijah ready for church first.

We succeeded in attending church without any more major incidents. After church, we ate in the dining room with Great-Grandpa and GiGi. Our table was right by the exit. Elijah quickly discovered the enormous hallway just outside these double doors. It was slightly more appealing to him that staying in his highchair for two hours~:-) Down the hall, outside the bank, Elijah found an entire basket of DumDums. Thereafter, he immediately ran down the hall to the basket every time we let him loose.

Eating in the dining room always involved a little drama, mostly because there was about a 70 year age gap between Elijah and the rest of the diners. Since we sat by the entrance, EVERYONE stopped and said hello to Elijah. He was sometimes friendly, sometimes shy, and sometimes stole their canes.

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