Sunday, August 10, 2008

HamFam 2008 - Day Three

The whole crew, just after the HamFam Talent Show (Joe & Abigail's brain child): Talent show highlights included select songs from "Pajama Game" (Uncle Tom); "Here at the HamFam Reunion," an original song by Rachel and Jason which continues to be sung in at least one household; and "Ode to Henry" a song by Eric and Joe on the joys of courting a Hamilton girl.

No one can possibly appreciate this song more than Abigail and I, but some who know my Father may at least undertand parts of it. I LOVED watching these two sing this. It made me so very grateful that God provided both of us with such wonderful husbands. What amazing men!

That night we watched fireworks, Elijah and Reagan experiencing them for the first time.
All the cousins:
The girls:
A new baby is on the way!!!!

And, another new baby is on the way!!!
How fun! Mom especially is having a great time in the front yard.
We really did have such a great time at the HamFam this year. Eric and I are very thankful to have such fun, encouraging, challenging people in our family.
Can't wait for our next one!

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