Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anne's Wedding Weekend: Part Two

After the wedding we were able to spend some time getting to know Hank and eating Mexican food in downtown Colorado Springs.On Sunday we attended Michelle's church, ate some yummy Thai food (which I initially ordered WAY to hot, but was given a second dish for free), and visited Red Rocks in Denver. When I first flew into Denver, I was strikingly disappointed at how flat and barren the landscape seemed. Being there a few days and moving closer to the foothills changed my opinion of the place. Although I still, by far, prefer the thick treescapes of the East coast.

This may be my favorite Colorado picture:

This place is really amazing. They have lots of concerts here, using only the natural acoustics the landscape provides. There was a Chinese guy singing on the stage while we were there; we could clearly hear (although not actually understand) his words from way at the top of the amphitheatre.

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