Friday, November 28, 2008

Things for Which I Am Thankful

1. Crazy family members
2. Deep, uncontrolled laughter of a little boy
3. Hands which do not yet suffer from tremors
4. Family Naps (with small, warm little bottoms x 2)
5. A reading husband
6. Handmade quilts
7. [Slobbery] kisses given by anyone in the age range of 18 months - 76 years old
8. A God to Whom I can credit all my blessings
9. Feeling this baby move inside of me
10. Lots of babies on the way!
11. Wet wipes
12. The ability to walk, get sweaty, and experience a cool breeze
13. Telephones
14. Music & song
15. Hardworking people
16. Eric's new job
17. Our little log cabin and enormous yard
18. Friends who love Jesus
19. A gush of emotion
20. My husband
21. Elijah's love for books
22. Family who love us
23. Our van
24. Snacks
25. Thanksgiving

1 comment:

The Gundy Bunch said...

thank you for sharing, sweet friend! you remind me what is really important in the midst of my "trying" times... i love you!