Monday, December 1, 2008

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

We went to Honeysuckle Hill Farm with our friends Glen, Laura, Nadine, and Abiel to help celebrate my favorite season. They had so many fun things for children (way more than just a corn maze) that we have decided to definitely go back next year.
Elijah has learned to take delight in pumpkins and jackets and running. Daddy and Elijah in the helicopter swingset.
Everyone took turns on the see-saw. When we couldn't find Nadine we would look on either the see-saw or in the corn maze.
Horse tire swings:
(Almost) doing it by himself!
Elijah, of course, tasted the handlebar. Yuck!
One of the highlights was seeing all the animals. Elijah was even able to pet the horse.
Nadine and Laura about to slide down the extremely fast tube slide:
I'm serious about it being fast. They have this really long mat to catch you at the end because you just can't stop!
Elijah and Daddy at the top of the tube slides. Elijah decided he didn't really like these, probably because I screamed the whole way down.
They also had a huge sandbox circumscribed by a tricycle track. Elijah loved playing with the dump trucks. We found sand in Elijah's shoes and Abiel's ears.

This hay maze was a little too scary for Elijah. This did not prevent us from shoving him in there though.

Chickens, rabbits, a horse, a dog, a goat....

You were allowed to "pick" a little pumpkin from this huge field to take home. When Elijah saw all the baby-size pumpkins he went a little crazy. He just ran around touching all the pumpkins, picking one up, running, picking up a different pumpkin - and squealing the whole time. Abiel and Elijah both tasted the pumpkins from the field.

Our family shots from the day:

Hooray for orange pumpkins, yellow mums, changing leaves, jacket weather, and fun friends!


The Gundy Bunch said...

Y'all are just the cutest family ever!!! I love the overalls!

Anonymous said...

You guys are really into overalls. That automatically makes you cool (in the homeschool crowd...). Look forward to joining you for a family group overall picture soon.
~aunt abigail

lydia said...

My Old Navy overalls, a freshman year purchase, have served me well! These days they are looking super cute as snug-fitting maternity wear.

Listen, if anyone needs fashion advice, I'm available.

Anonymous said...

That looks like it was soooo fun! We have a fall festival farm that's a lot like that one here- Cox Farm. Thomas couldn't get enough of it! I had to pry him out of the baby goat pen. And those slides that go really, really fast?? Thomas insisted on doing it himself!

-Rebecca N.