Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pregnancy Comments

So, I was chatting away with a rather large friend today when she asked,

Large Friend: "How far along are you?"

Pregnant Me: "25 weeks!"

Large Friend: quickly scanning my abdomen "You must get really big then."

Pregnant Me: "Ummmm..."

What is your favorite pregnancy comment?


matt said...

The driver for our van pool said "Don't hit me, but I can get you a seat belt extension". This is when I was about 5 1/2 months. He's lucky he didn't get hit :)

Anonymous said...

"I can tell your gaining weight in your face now."
-co worker
"I think you are going to have to work on your butt weight the most after the baby comes"
"Are you having twins?"
-stranger at Kroger
"We better get out of the hallway now, there's not enough room"
my favorite is:
"You are such a cute pregnant girl, you are just all belly"

lydia said...

My favorite is Joe's comment. Way to be sensitive Joe~;-)