Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grandpa Comes to Town - Day Two

After breakfast, Dad, Elijah, and I headed downtown for some exploring. We started at Fort Negley, then walked across the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River.

Elijah fell asleep during our walk to the main library, but Dad and I still enjoyed walking around in there. Dad and this woman collided while coming around a corner; the woman was not pleased, to put it mildly. Thankfully, we avoided any other potential fights and made it past the homeless congregates back outside. Dad treated us to pizza for lunch - mmmmm!
We stopped at a local nursery on our way home so Dad could purchase some animal bombs. After Dad rescued Elijah's ball from the tree, we set off bombs in some of the larger, fresher holes in the yard. When all the bombs were gone I spotted this hole as large as my thigh close to the house. When I peeked in, I saw a little mole nose (or something like it)! The hole was so ridiculously wide and deep that we could not think of what had made it. Last week, I saw an ENORMOUS groundhog across the field. (I have never before seen a groundhog; I have no standard by which to compare the size of our groundhog. Nevertheless, this guy was ENORMOUS.) Now we know who to blame for the larger holes. If we had an older child and a gun, I suppose we could take care of this problem....
To ensure a balanced diet for the day, we all met Eric at Pie in the Sky for dinner. They have just opened shop off of West End and were anxious to please us. They even gave Elijah a hunk of pizza dough with which to play while we waited for our food. Elijah was so good - he sat through the whole meal with us without complaining! A first! (This made more impressive by the fact that it was a long meal; I can eat a lot of pizza.)
We are so glad Grandpa came to visit! It was great fun! Come again soon!

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