Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Elmington Park

We met Lily for an outdoor playdate at a really fun park. Lily brought her ball and Elijah brought his shovel. Elijah played with them both for a majority of our time at the park. (Thanks, Lily!)
There were secret tunnels...
...that led to huge fields (where, if pushed, a ball could easily find its way)...
...and soccer goals in which to get stuck. "Uck! Uck!"
Lily and Elijah displayed their skills in sharing, mostly rather well.

Elijah needed a snack while at the playground. He finished his and then helped Lily to finish hers.

Our photoshoot series is hilarious:

Happy boy, crying Lily:
Hey...where is she going?
I lost my friend!
Thanks for playing with us Lily!

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