Monday, December 15, 2008

A Graves Family Thanksgiving

Uncle David, Grampa, Mammie, Aunt Laura, Uncle Matt, and our family celebrated Thanksgiving a little early this year. Food abounded.
Daddy acted crazy.
Elijah loved copying his crazy father.

Wheelbarrow rides took place.
Toys were a travelling necessity.
We had a family swinging session.

Uncle Matt acted crazy.
Elijah walked the high beam.

Grampa got cold sitting on the bench.
Daddy acted crazy in the leaves.
Angel ran away from Elijah...all the time.
Family pictures were taken.

Uncle Matt acted crazy.
Elijah was stuck in a tree. "Tuck! Tuck!"

Daddy and Elijah danced to Hillary's speech.

Elijah left all his fun toys and books strewn throughout the house.
A fun time was had by all~:-)

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