Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Bella's Birthday

[MawMaw has two pictures of me - hours after giving birth - framed in her living room. (I feel like several words in the above sentence should be italicized to emphasize the absurdity of doing such a thing.) It is really nice that she was so excited about Elijah's birth, however, NO ONE needs a framed pictures of themselves within less than 24 hours post-labor. No One. Thus, I have included no pictures of Bella's Momma in the following post. This is not to imply that she didn't look great (unlike my post-labor pictures), but simply to give respect to the new mother.]
[Also of note: No one needs to have a picture of themselves at 41 1/2 weeks pregnant hanging on their in-laws refrigerator for months and months.]
Baby Bella weighed in at 1/16th of an ounce over Elijah's birth weight.

Joe was amazing during labor and delivery - no passing out, no annoying comments. I have never seen a Dad so excited about his baby.
Ab had a great nurse-midwife and two fabulous nurses helping her.
I pretty much wanted to steal this baby after I saw her. Really. Not wanting to be inappropriately greedy, I kept trying to wait to ask if I could hold her. Then I got her and didn't want to give her back to Joe. (*Several people want to steal this baby...Connie....)
All four grandparents drove up to meet the first female grandchild. Everyone did a good job sharing Baby Bella, which was obviously difficult.

Bella received her first dozen roses from Aunt Lizzie.
We praise the Lord for an uncomplicated pregnancy & delivery and for a healthy little girl. Abigail was absolutely amazing (an unplanned, unmedicated birth - what?!?!?!) and Joe was a fabulous helper to her.

If you would like to see a picture of the placenta, just let me know.

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Lisa said...

Great post. Love the pictures and commentary. Can't wait to see all the new babies