Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our Family Christmas

My favorite Christmas event this year was our little, cozy family Christmas. Eric and I have never done Christmas alone, but we wanted to do something fun - with just the three of us - for Elijah this year. Elijah and I cooked and cleaned and wrapped and baked all day to prepare for our Christmas. It started just as soon as Daddy got home from work that Friday night.
Taking stock of the old toy collection: Helping Momma cook:

When Eric arrived, he got right to work building a big fort for Elijah.
We were all able to enjoy the maze Daddy created. Elijah kept saying "Ort! Ort!"

While our food finished cooking, we moved upstairs to start opening presents. Elijah was able to open presents at his own pace, which made for a much happier Tooskie. He really enjoyed bringing the presents to us, one at a time, and then helping everyone open their gift.
MawMaw & PawPaw gave Elijah this great animal train. It's a Melissa & Doug toy; I love all their stuff!
Sausage balls were a big hit with the boys. We ate the whole bowl!
We gave Elijah this little vacuum which goes Pop!Pop!Pop! He likes to push it around the house with his lawnmower (which also goes Pop!Pop!Pop!).
Sticky buns! These took all day to make, but were delicious!
Our downstairs post-Christmas feast & fort-building:
More fort adventures:

Elijah got to stay up late for our family Christmas so we could take him to Opryland Hotel. The lights and decorations were, as always, amazing. We let Elijah walk and lead the way - he loved being around all the people, seeing the lights, and watching the waterfalls.

Now I know why Moms get so excited about Christmas. It was SO MUCH FUN to make special foods, give each other little gifts, and have time for just the three of us to hang out. And I'm glad to have savored this Christmas with three...for, Lord willing, Christmas 2009 will be a Christmas with four!

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Rebecca Nugent said...

Awwww...I miss Opryland at Christmas time!